DeMane Golf Business Takes Root

It was when persimmon was king that Jack, and his son Rick, designed and made some of the finest woods available. Using ‘A’ grade persimmon turnings with horseshoe and straight back grain, a mont- long vacuum impregnation process was used to harden and stabilize the woods.

Precision facing, routing, boring and scoring machines were used in the process. Many models were available from one through seven woods. Head shapes ranged from the classic pear shaped 50’s look, to oversized drivers. The latter models were made with filament wound graphite shafts and woven graphite inserts. Jack built a business in a backyard that spans the country and now crosses the seas.

Jack and Judy raised five children, and ran the DeMane Golf Shop. business. When the children attended school, Jack closed the shop every summer for the family vacation, during the peak of the golf season. First in a station wagon, and later in Jack’s recreational vehicles, eventually exploring every state in the country. In later years, Jack and Judy explored the rest of the world together.