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demane golf: a family legacy since 1940.


Pursue the quest

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pursue the quest. rick demane leverages five decades of experience, along with data from the GCQuad and flightscope x3, to refine the journey for passionate golfers.

The pursuit of golf Nirvana is a lifelong journey filled with all kinds of surprises, but one constant is Rick DeMane’s steadfast, capable, and earnest companionship along the way. Golf is in the DwMane family D.N.A., and Rick embodies its spirit in unique ways, offering thoughtful insights, and a passion for identifying, and conquering, the myriad challenges facing golfers in their quests. Rick’s mastery of the nuances, and countless intricacies associated with the golf club and putter, are the stuff of legend. Rick personally handles your gear, keeps it simple, has zero pretense, and reinvests in the very best technology money can buy. The DeMane tradition of excellence lives on in Rick.

Just like his father Jack, and grandfather Nick, Rick digs deep into the nitty gritty leaving no stone unturned in delivering outstanding service and value. While out club fitters utilize great launch monitoring systems, Rick uses two! He believes relying on any one system might rob himself, and ultimately his customers, of the very best data, so he uses a dual-system launch monitor set-up. This one-two tech punch offer DeMane Golf customers the penultimate fitting experience.

Rick’s fitting room is a workshop, not a living room. He doesn’t serve cappuccino, or have a couch in there. What you will find is a no bull working environment where the walls are lined with countless shafts, club heads, putters, and history. You’ll find a new mat with Titleist Pro-V1s with tiny image-sensing decals personally adhered to every one of them by the owner. You’ll notice his workbench, one of many at DeMane Golf, with two monitors, club wrenches of all kinds, manufacturers’ spec books on shelves and scattered about, all to make the best of the data he collects from every swing on his Foresight GCQuad, and Flightscope X3 launch monitors.

Rick’s fitting room is like his second office. It’s where he gets your work done.

Rick couples unmatched analytics with a lifetime of wisdom during every fitting.

Rick couples unmatched analytics with a lifetime of wisdom during every fitting.

Customers benefit from dual LM readouts, and Rick’s ability to leverage the data..

Customers benefit from dual LM readouts, and Rick’s ability to leverage the data..


Let’s get down to brass tacks

Rick and Rene DeMane of Demane Golf in 2019.

Rick and Rene DeMane of Demane Golf in 2019.

the sistine chapel of golf in suburbia

DeMane Golf is an 80-year-old family business located on 35 Chapel Street, in Greenwich, Connecticut. It comprises several small buildings on the DeMane family home’s unpretentious and welcoming property. Here customers will find Rene (pronounced reˈnei) DeMane’s horticultural treasures propped up by old shaft pulls, two cats named Peanut and Poke, and a putting green bracketed by a trio of rooms housing a treasure trove of golf clubs, putters, balls, repair equipment, fitting technologies, manufacturer ‘systems’, and 80 years of other golfdom. It is, to some, a Mecca... for golf.

If you want it, DeMane Golf has got it.

The shop at DeMane Golf is a candy store for the real golfer. There are no crafted beers or cappuccino… just XXX hardcore golf porn! So, if you’re looking for a brand new, solid wood, handmade straddle putter with a leather grip… DeMane Golf’s got it. If you’re looking for a $32 dozen of Pro Vis, DeMane Golf’s got it. If you’re looking for a custom-built set of Titleist C16 irons, with Grand Bassara shafts, Rick DeMane will make them for you. Want a killer deal on a 2019 Callaway Epic Flash 10.5° driver? DeMane Golf’s got it, for now! From some of the most-obscure collector’s items, to the Ricky Fowler’s favorite TaylorMade 2019 TP5 Pix golf balls, if DeMane Golf doesn’t have it in stock (they have the balls), Rene will order it for you, and DeMane Golf will treat you right, on price.



Drilling down on demane golf

What’s under the hood, at DeMane Golf, is in plain sight. We have examined Rick and Rene DeMane closely, and can confirm they have zero magical stardust hidden in their veins. Nope, at DeMane Golf, you get friendly, straight-forward, no-nonsense treatment. The shop is where the epoxy meets the shaft, and it’s got three generations of blood, sweat, tears, and… yes… joy too, writ all over it! Inside this golf shop you’ll find every imaginable golfsmithing tool needed in order to score, grind, ream, bend, glue, heat, rip, grip, measure, and shaft anything and everything in your golf bag. And guess what? It’s Rick who does the fixing, tweaking, and building. It’s akin to rocket science, but at DeMane Golf… Rick and Rene keep it real.


the demane family

Rick DeMane

Rick DeMane

the legacy continues

Rick DeMane, like his father Jack, and grandfather Nick, is a problem-solver, only with a dash of very good humor. His engaging personality, and witty sense of humor, compliment a curious, perceptive, creative, analytical mind that is uncanny at helping golfers optimize their games.

Rene DeMane

Rene DeMane

Beautiful aloha spirit

Rene DeMane is an artist, songwriter, and horticulturalist with a penchant for making beautiful things. She met her husband-to-be, Rick, on Maui while in college back in the late 1960s. They got married, raised a family, and continue a family tradition of helping customers to better their games.

It all began with Nick DeMane in the 1920s.

It all began with Nick DeMane in the 1920s.

A 100+ year legacy

Family patriarch, Nick DeMane, competed with hickories in the 1915 U.S. Open. Club-making was a part of the game back then. His son, Jack, was a master craftsman. Hogan, Wilson, and Hagen tapped Jack as their first authorized repair shop in the U.S. Rick dovetails the past with the future.

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Mailing Address:

DeMane Golf, Inc.
35 Chapel Street
CT 06830



(203) 531-9126

(203) 531-4670



Northbound on I-95:

  • Take Exit 2 (1st in CT)
  • Left at the end of the ramp
  • Go back under freeway and turn 1st right onto Frontage Road
  • Immediately turn left on to Byram Road

Southbound on I-95:

  • Take Exit 2
  • At the end of the ramp go straight ahead
  • Take 2nd right on to Byram Road

From Byram Road:

  • Proceed to 3rd Stop sign
  • Turn right on to Putnam Avenue
  • At the top of the hill, turn left onto Byram Terrace Drive
  • Bear right on to Weaver St
  • Turn immediately left on to Chapel, #35 is on right