Rick DeMane came back into the world of golf craftsmanship during a time when golf was experiencing rapid changes in technology. Graphite shafts, frequency matching, were a world apart from the hickory shafts of his grandfather, Nick’s, time.

Ultra precision wood making equipment allowed the manufacture of the highest quality oil hardened persimmon woods, and that attention to detail and dedication to quality continues with the current modern golf equipment today.

With this emerging technology, lengths and accuracies—never dreamed of—are now possible. 

The values that have identified the DeMane name have not diminished with Rick. You still get the gentle, individualized, never-rushed, fair treatment in discovering your golfing needs.

Rick maintains that “technology makes a difference in golf, but knowledge makes it work”. He, and his wife/partner Rene, continue to foster and build upon a proud family heritage and legacy of the “golden hands,” and have added their “golden hearts” in the process.

Rick has been in the golf club business for the past 43 years and carries on the family commitment to quality that was instilled in him by his father Jack, and his mother, Judy, who worked side-by-side with his father, just as Rene does (with Rick) today..

“Our company has a history of doing it right.” Everyone is treated professionally at DeMane Golf.

The great leveler is simply the love of the game.