The PING G410 Driver is available at DeMane Golf.

Check out the G410 at our shop!

Check out the G410 at our shop!

DeMane Golf is proud to announce PING has made significant advancements in custom fitting while delivering golfers the highest MOI’s and ball speeds available in the new PING G410 Plus and G410 SFT drivers. These multi-material drivers “continued to increase both forgiveness and distance in the G410 Plus driver while adding more dimensions to driver custom fitting,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. “Our new, movable-weight technology provides the benefits of custom CG locations, including directional control, without sacrificing MOI or ball speeds, which is what we’ve always seen with other non-fixed-weight drivers. The G410 Plus offers golfers a simple, logical way to customize their driver and allows them to swing away on the tee box without fear of missing the fairway. It puts tour-level fitting into the golfer’s hands. We’ve also expanded the loft and lie options with a new eight-setting, lightweight hosel that further fine-tunes ball flight.”

In the G410 Plus model, three positions (Draw, Neutral, Fade) for the ultra-high-density tungsten back weight shift the center of gravity (CG) location by 1/10" in each direction from neutral to influence left or right shot direction approximately 10 yards (20 yards of correction between Draw and Fade settings). By positioning the weight on the extreme boundary of the clubhead, the moment of inertia increases compared to the original G400 driver – ensuring golfers enjoy the added ball speed and forgiveness required to hit their tee shots longer and straighter.

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Accuracy and Fittings at DeMane Golf with FlightScope X3

The FlightScope X3 is available now for your custom-fitting at DeMane Golf.

The FlightScope X3 is available now for your custom-fitting at DeMane Golf.

It’s time to harness the power of today’s cutting-edge technology, the FlightScope X3, while simultaneously benefitting from a wealth of experience and knowledge offered by DeMane Golf, with a spring fitting for the 2019 season!

Rick combines three generations of golf knowledge and experience with the leveraging of today’s latest technology to the advantage of customers like you, so have at it!

DeMane Golf’s Fitting Studio includes the most-advanced 3D-tracking equipment available on the market. In fact, DeMane Golf isn’t satisfied with any one particular technology either… Rick doubles down with layers of technical redundancy to verify and confirm results.

Our first electronic device was a Sportek Swing Analyzer.  Utilizing overhead lighting, it had a mat with sensors that captured data from the shadow line.  Club speed, face angle at setup and impact, and path info was collected. It was impressive at the time.  A weight shift platform was subsequently available —first hydraulic—then a solid state version. WAVI - Weight Analysis Video Interface was ahead of it’s time.  Dynamic weight values were displayed in a user friendly formant. All good stuff but it’s only gotten better.’

The FlightScope X3 is the preferred tracker of some of the most data-driven players on the PGA Tour, like Bryson DeChambeau. “FlightScope has been an integral part of my success on tour. I use my X3 to prepare for tournaments, capturing every single shot on the range and on the course during my practice rounds. I use X3 because I trust the data and it never misses a shot.” Data champions can trust!

“The X3 provides a tremendous amount of club and ball data. For your fitting there are screens full of detailed data, displayed in an intuitive format. so I can show you exactly what is going on  The speed profile screen provides insight on tempo and may show inefficiencies in your swing too. This is important because I don’t want to reinforce a flaw in your swing… just help you optimize your clubs and shafts by evaluating the data. The acceleration profile assists in that regard by identifying optimal shaft flex. The visual aspect clearly shows horizontal and vertical path which helps to highlight one of the contributing factors to excessive backspin… a steep vertical angle of attack.  A horizontal path view will also clearly shows its influence on spin axis and sidespin, and ultimately how it effects ball flight.”

Schedule your custom club fitting with Rick Demane at DeMane Golf utilizing the FlightScope X3 today. Call Rick or Rene at (203) 531-9126 or email them today!

New TS Drivers, Born from the Titleist Speed Project, at DeMane Golf


New TS2 and TS3 Models Deliver Faster Ball Speed with Higher Launch, Lower Spin and Increased MOI for Explosive Distance

A two-year mission to design greater speed into every detail of driver technology has led to the introduction of the new Titleist TS drivers, available at DeMane Golf in Greenwich, CT.

This mission – the “Titleist Speed Project,” as it was referenced internally by the Titleist Metalwoods R&D team – began with a challenge from the game’s best players to make Titleist drivers as fast as possible. What followed was a relentless pursuit to solicit speed from every micron and milligram of the driver head, culminating with the development of two new driver models – TS2 and TS3 – engineered to deliver faster ball speed with higher launch, lower spin and increased MOI for more distance and game-changing forgiveness.

At the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills, the first week that TS (“Titleist Speed”) drivers were available for competition, it became immediately clear that the new TS2 and TS3 models had passed the test. Seventeen players put TS drivers in play – including Justin Thomas, who unleashed a career-long 422-yard drive in Round 1 – an unprecedented shift for the week of a major championship. Three starts later, Thomas earned his first World Golf Championships title with a four-shot victory at Firestone, crediting the performance gains of his TS3 9.5º driver.


The future of “Titleist Speed” is driven by the creation of the new Titleist Speed Chassis, comprising four key innovations:

  • Ultra-Thin Titanium Crown. The thinnest cast titanium crown in the game (20 percent thinner than 917 drivers) allows weight to be shifted lower and deeper.

  • Thinner, Faster Face. The fastest face Titleist has ever made – a refined Radial VFT (variable face thickness) that reduces weight by up to six grams – delivers faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness. The TS face is so thin that the score lines must be lasered on (instead of etched into the face like prior generations).

  • New Streamlined Shape. Enhanced aerodynamic shaping reduces drag, allowing golfers to swing faster, increasing club head speed for more distance.

  • Optimized Weight Distribution. Refined crown and variable face thicknesses create the lowest CG ever in a Titleist driver for higher launch and lower spin. The resulting MOI is up to 12 percent higher than 917, creating a powerful combination of speed and stability.

“From start to finish, the TS Project was about driving ball speed and unlocking a level of performance that golfers simply couldn’t ignore,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “In order to do that, we knew we had to look at things differently. We challenged ourselves to deconstruct the driver and then literally build it back up, piece by piece, to be faster, longer and better in every way possible. R&D had been exploring some unique constructions early on that were really compelling in theory, but they simply couldn’t beat the performance of our all-titanium Speed Chassis. We know performance is the story that golfers care about. From the ball speed and distance gains we’re seeing both on tour and with amateur golfers, it’s clear that TS metals deliver a new level of Titleist Speed.” 


TS drivers bring more speed to golfers through two distinct designs. The new TS2 lets golfers swing aggressively with maximum forgiveness across the face, while TS3 offers speed-tuned distance with dynamic forgiveness through SureFit CG. Both models feature Titleist’s patented SureFit hosel with 16 independent loft and lie settings to create a more consistent and optimized ball flight through precision fitting, which I can help you with here at DeMane Golf.


  • Explosive distance across the face and maximum forgiveness

  • Adjustable Swingweight, Fixed CG Location

  • High Launch, Low Spin

  • Modern Shape, 460cc

  • Available in 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5° lofts

New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Golf Balls Available at DeMane Golf


2019 Models Provide Improved Tee-To-Green Performance with New High Optic Yellow Color Option

Faster from core to cover, the new Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have been designed to leave the clubface with more ball speed and lower long game spin for more distance, while providing the best short game control to help golfers shoot lower scores. At Demane Golf, we have them all, so come on down!

The advancements of 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x, now available in our Greenwich golf shop, underscore the Titleist R&D and Operations teams’ relentless mission to continuously improve the best performing, most consistent golf balls in the game.

“When we set out to develop the 2019 models, we found that golfers at every level are extraordinarily satisfied with the performance of their Pro V1 or Pro V1x. At the same time, golfers keep telling us they would still like more distance – as long as they don’t have to give anything else up,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Golf Ball Marketing. “Through the prototyping process, our chemists and engineers discovered a way to cast an even thinner urethane cover, and therefore increase the percentage of speed-enhancing materials in the overall construction. Pro V1 and Pro V1x are now even faster, as a result, all while maintaining the scoring performance and feel characteristics that golfers demand from these golf balls.”


Innovations in Titleist’s industry-leading multi-component technology and precision manufacturing process have combined to deliver the most advanced Pro V1 and Pro V1x models yet – available for the first time in both white and high optic yellow:

  • 17% thinner cast Urethane Elastomer cover system delivers more ball speed. The advancement of Titleist’s thermoset urethane casting technology has allowed our engineers to cast a thinner layer of the proprietary cover formulation, developed exclusively for Pro V1 and Pro V1x, while retaining its trusted Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control and soft feel.

  • Faster ionomeric casing layer increases ball speed and lowers long game spin. Beneath the thinner cover, the speed enhancing casing layer has thickened by 14% on Pro V1 and 11% on Pro V1x, creating higher ball speeds with lower driver and long game spin.

  • New 2.0 ZG Process Cores are formulated for more distance. The outermost portions of the solid core Pro V1 and dual core Pro V1x have increased in stiffness while maintaining their soft centers, creating faster engines with higher ball speed and lower long game spin.