Accuracy and Fittings at DeMane Golf with FlightScope X3

The FlightScope X3 is available now for your custom-fitting at DeMane Golf.

The FlightScope X3 is available now for your custom-fitting at DeMane Golf.

It’s time to harness the power of today’s cutting-edge technology, the FlightScope X3, while simultaneously benefitting from a wealth of experience and knowledge offered by DeMane Golf, with a spring fitting for the 2019 season!

Rick combines three generations of golf knowledge and experience with the leveraging of today’s latest technology to the advantage of customers like you, so have at it!

DeMane Golf’s Fitting Studio includes the most-advanced 3D-tracking equipment available on the market. In fact, DeMane Golf isn’t satisfied with any one particular technology either… Rick doubles down with layers of technical redundancy to verify and confirm results.

Our first electronic device was a Sportek Swing Analyzer.  Utilizing overhead lighting, it had a mat with sensors that captured data from the shadow line.  Club speed, face angle at setup and impact, and path info was collected. It was impressive at the time.  A weight shift platform was subsequently available —first hydraulic—then a solid state version. WAVI - Weight Analysis Video Interface was ahead of it’s time.  Dynamic weight values were displayed in a user friendly formant. All good stuff but it’s only gotten better.’

The FlightScope X3 is the preferred tracker of some of the most data-driven players on the PGA Tour, like Bryson DeChambeau. “FlightScope has been an integral part of my success on tour. I use my X3 to prepare for tournaments, capturing every single shot on the range and on the course during my practice rounds. I use X3 because I trust the data and it never misses a shot.” Data champions can trust!

“The X3 provides a tremendous amount of club and ball data. For your fitting there are screens full of detailed data, displayed in an intuitive format. so I can show you exactly what is going on  The speed profile screen provides insight on tempo and may show inefficiencies in your swing too. This is important because I don’t want to reinforce a flaw in your swing… just help you optimize your clubs and shafts by evaluating the data. The acceleration profile assists in that regard by identifying optimal shaft flex. The visual aspect clearly shows horizontal and vertical path which helps to highlight one of the contributing factors to excessive backspin… a steep vertical angle of attack.  A horizontal path view will also clearly shows its influence on spin axis and sidespin, and ultimately how it effects ball flight.”

Schedule your custom club fitting with Rick Demane at DeMane Golf utilizing the FlightScope X3 today. Call Rick or Rene at (203) 531-9126 or email them today!