DeMane Golf Utilizes Foresight's GCQuad for Precision Club Fitting

Part of golf’s technology evolution involves a mix of various methods of measuring and ‘seeing’ what is happening with the club head during a customer’s fitting session. 3D Doppler radar is one means, and another involves stereoscopic cameras. We use both, in tandem with one another, as your time is precious and here at DeMane Golf, we want to do it right for you the first and every time you come to see Rick DeMane for a fitting.

We have used Foresight’s measurement technology for some time, and currently utilize their GCGuad Quadroscapic Launch Monitor.

The Quad features four high-speed, high-resolution cameras that deliver unprecedented image clarity with each and every shot. The benefit to you is a more-accurate fitting session because the Quad’s patented Spherical Correlation™ analytics deliver measured values with greater accuracy, and that translates into decisions you can count on.